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  Mentors and students alike look forward to our annual Holiday Luncheon. Held the week after Christmas when students are home on break, the luncheon gives our directors an opportunity to catch up with their students after completing their first semester of classes.

We’re always curious to learn how our freshmen have adjusted both to their classes, and for many of them, simply being away from home for the first time. From the upperclassmen, it’s interesting hearing about the coursework as they enter their fields of study, and the details of upcoming internships. With both groups, the luncheon gives us an opportunity to get to know them a little better and make certain they’re on-track academically- all part of our mentoring process.


Holiday Luncheon 2017

Kristin Rodick Hyde HL 2017Kristin Rodick Hyde – The Foundation’s first Bertha Kiel Scholarship Recipient addresses the 2017 Holiday Luncheon.

The Foundation was honored to have Kristin Rodick Hyde as our guest speaker at the Holiday Luncheon. Kristin Rodick was the first student to receive the prestigious Bertha Kiel Scholarship in 1999. The Bertha Kiel Scholarship is the largest award given by the Scholarship Foundation and candidates are interviewed for the honor.

As a college student she was determined to be a medical doctor. While taking a required class in public health, her career path abruptly changed. Kristin recognized the impact she could have on the health and wellbeing of a large number of people by working in the public health system. She graduated from Indiana University and went on to receive her Master’s in Public Health from Drexel University in Philadelphia.  

After finishing school, Kristin returned to Indiana and a job with the Indiana Department of Education. She worked with schools in a multi-faceted program to improve children’s overall health and wellness. When that program lost federal funding and closed, Kristin founded a small workshop to continue providing the training for the 192 schools she had been working with. Her workshop continued until shrinking school budgets forced her to close the program.

Currently, Kristin is the manager of communications and grants for Eskanazi Health Foundation, part of the Eskanazi Health Sys-tem in Indianapolis, which is the oldest and largest public health care system in Indiana. She is also completing her doctorate in public health.

Kristin has enjoyed and learned from all of the positions she has held. She urged our students to be open to new avenues and opportunities they have while they are in school. Citing her own experience with unexpected opportunities, she encouraged students to follow their passion and discover what may be waiting for them.