Alkeyna Aldridge2015
Alkeyna Aldridge
2006-2010 Scholarship Recipient
University of Notre Dame

Director, Myrtie Coleman, recently let us know that she is still in touch with one of her students from several years ago.

Alkeyna Aldridge, as a senior at Washington High School, submitted a notable essay with her scholarship application in which she talked about her ambition to “set an example for other urban youth . . ., instilling in them a sense of hope and purpose.” She added that her education would give her tools to aid others. She has done just that, first as a teacher at South Bend Career Academy and now as a part of the Upward Bound program, one of the TRIO programs at the University of Notre Dame. The Federal TRIO Programs are outreach and student services programs to identify and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them to prepare for a college education.


CarolEvans&studentOur mentoring program is a unique and valuable feature of a Scholarship Foundation grant. In this program, each of our scholarship recipients is matched, when possible, with a member of our board of directors experienced in the student’s intended field of study. Foundation mentors monitor students’ academic eligibility for renewal awards, act as an initial point of contact for questions, and, when the opportunity presents itself, helps students network with other Foundation directors. This unique feature of our scholarship program frequently results in social and mentoring relationships which last long after our student’s graduation.

A quote from one of our recipients:” I really cannot put into words what The Scholarship Foundation has done for me over the past four years of my college career.  While every student appreciates the scholarships and the “free money”, the SFSJC has given me perhaps one of the best resources I could ask for:  a mentor.  (She) has been my unconditional supporter over the past few years.  While thinking about graduating and the future chapters of my life . . . , I know that the Scholarship Foundation and all of its wonderful volunteers will forever be cheering me on . . ., and for that I am most thankful.”