Lauren Groth
2001-2005 Scholarship Recipient
Northwestern University- Evanston
My name is Lauren Groth, and I’m a former Scholarship Foundation recipient from 2001-2005. I attended John Adams High school and then went to Northwestern University, in part due to the scholarship I received from the Foundation.

As the child of two public school teachers, the scholarship was immensely helpful in allowing me to attend a private university- going to Northwestern would not have been possible otherwise. I truly believe the scholarship was the first step in a series of doors that were opened for me. Through the scholarship I was able to expand my horizons, attend a wonderful university, move on to live abroad, attend law school and now work as a lawyer in Washington DC.

I’m extremely grateful to the Scholarship Foundation for the scholarship and the opportunities it provided me.


Our Mission


The Scholarship Foundation of St. Joseph County was founded with the belief that education is America’s best hope for a better future, and the intent that every high school graduate with the academic qualifications and the desire to attend college should be given that opportunity.

If you are a St. Joseph County student planning to attend college and meet our eligibility criteria, we encourage you to apply for a Scholarship Foundation award.



Thank you note from one of our students . . .

I am so grateful to the Scholarship Foundation for their support of my collegiate endeavors these last four years. I truly could not have made it without the financial and personal support provided to me—be it through rent and tuition payments, textbook purchases, or a box of cookies in the midst of exams. . . I truly believe the mentorship aspect of the Foundation is one of its greatest strengths, and I will always remember the kindness shown to me by (my mentor).


Loyola University of Chicago BS Ed. Class of 2015